Destiny 2: Forsaken Preview

In September of 2018, Destiny 2 Forsaken will turn one year with a big celebration. It is on September four that the release of the third and the biggest Destiny 2’s expansion will be done. Destiny 2 comes along with a number of new traits.

A completely new story

The story is usually referred to as the western-revenge story. The Forsaken tells a story of a massive jailbreak which takes place at the prison of Elders. This incident causes the death of Cayde-6, and for ravage purpose, the guardians are sent out. This will take us to Tangled Shore which is considered as a dangerous web of asteroids where the Guardians explore. The place has been isolated from Awoken and Vanguard authorities. This makes the place conducive habitat for the pirates and outlaws who are seeking for treasure.


This Gambit mode features a standard PvE and a multiplayer mode game player. The opening features two groups of four members each that are struggling to kill their enemies. While fighting the enemies, they deposit resources collected into a centralized hub. At last, the two teams will be able to gather enough resources. This will score both teams equal points. The Gambit mode will enable you to send enemies onto the other team’s side. This will help to increase the challenge for the opponent.


Iin the one last year, Destiny 2 fans feel that kinetic, power and energy weapons limit weapon options for the players. In the expansion, players will be able to equip a weapon from any slot. Players will also have the capacity to strengthen their masterwork weapons. They can also add new mods to suit their favorite gear.

The dreaming City

This is the Awoken homeland where the players will enter after two expansions. The guardians will explore a new room or area where they can start to raid while attending to other activities. This city will keep changing with time. You will also get new updates and all weekly events taking place in the city.

There are a lot of new good things in the upcoming Destiny 2 expansions. This is intended to add flavor in the game making it more enjoyable.

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