The Fox’s Predator – Movie Preview

“The Predator” Projected to Rule the Box Office Summer is an exceptional time for movie lovers in the US and around the world and this year was no exception. There were hits and misses at a time when the #MeToo movement is in full throttle and leaving casualties like The Billionaire Boys Club in its wake.

Just ask Shane Black’s beloved franchise The Predator is expected to dominate the US box office in September with an impressive projection of up to $30 million. While this figure fades in comparison to Iron Man 3’s opening weekend, it is still a testament to Black’s ability to deliver what fans want and leave them yearning for more.

This year’s Predators installment pays homage to the previous Predator movies and picks up the pace with a captivating plot line. The sequel features Jacob Tremblay, a breakout star who has impressed audiences with a slew of other hits such as Wonder.

Tremblay’s character activates a switch that leads the Predators to bring fire and fury to earth and attempt to bolster their killing powers with animal DNA. Will they succeed or not? No spoiler alerts here; Predator fans will have to wait their turn to see it on the big screen.

The Predators will premier in Toronto on September 6 followed by theater releases on September 14.

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