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With the tight schedules of people today, free time is hard to find. why not hit the TV sit back and dive in to some Amazing Netflix shows? Well here is a few series and movies featured that you should not miss!

Breaking bad

it is the best series of all time; a story of a man who is fixed between drugs, family and being a teacher. Follow the story of a police officer who is trying to find the drug lord who is the brother-in-law. The production of meth becomes rampant even after thinking that they have brought down the lord.

Mad men

best acted and written drama on television, Mathew Weiner displays a lot of fun elements perfect for those who love shows and those who do not.

BoJack Horseman

It is often a funny and heartbreaking meditation on depression.Strange things; It is about the disappearance of a boy which led to his investigation. Through the investigation, a power plant is discovered owned by a character Mathew Modine. It is a great PG horror and Sci-fi.


So probably know a lot by now but for those who are not familiar it is the most durable and watchable series. It pictures the life of the singles around twenty-something one can identify with the situations.

Orange is new black

one of the best shows that features that are human, realistic, funny and progressive which have profound insights on life and the bad decisions we make. It outlines the life in prison where the people transform.


This is a series of an FBI agent whose interest in psychology turns and the focus grows to the psychology of sequential killers.

American crime story

it is a suspenseful watch which follows the events of the killing of two people which led to a trial. Viewers will see a different approach to the law during the trial.

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