How Logan is shaking up the Oscars

It’s a good time for many movie fans out there. Setting itself apart from the other superhero films, Logan, produced by Marvel Entertainment and 20th-century fox has shown us that a rustic style fits the big screen just fine.

Fans agreed with rave reviews streaming in, hitting a massive 615 million at the box office. Now an Oscar could be on the cards with a fresh nomination just recently announced.

logan the movie angry

The movie is not based on a particular comic story, but an entire ethos of The X-Men and Wolverine franchise. More so, the story line of the movie `Old Man Logan` developed by Mark Millar influenced the theme of the movie significantly.

The Oscar nomination for the Logan review is not surprising, especially based on The exceptional reviews The movie has received. That said, it is surprising in the category in which it falls, since most Live action superhero movies have received minimal attention. In fact, this one of the first action movie nominations ten years after `The Dark Night` was shut out of nominations.

logan the movie

If Logan were to win, this would be a strong indicator that fans are developing an affinity for superhero comics and that are developed into movies.

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