Will the latest Tomb Raider movie break the video game movie curse?

When it comes to video games which have been converted to box office feature films, all too often we see a box office disaster on our hands, but the latest edition of the Tomb Raider franchise is setting its sights at changing all of this.

If the latest trailer is anything to go by, we are definitely getting excited. See for yourself here.


With Alicia Vikander starring as Lara Croft, the latest trailer moves away from the wall-to-wall action based adventure plot many fans will have grown used to. Instead the trailer shows a glimpse into a story which is set on a more emotional level, exploring the life of Lara Croft in more detail. Set before Lara Croft embarked on her global adventure, and ultimately becoming Tomb Raider, the trailer shows how Lara’s relationship with her father and how lost she feels after his disappearance has influenced her drive for adventure.

The trailer continues to explore more of the film’s deep story in the second half, providing us with a brief view of her adventure and accident becoming shipwrecked while trying to find her lost father. We are definitely excited to see where the story leads when the film is released to cinemas on March 16.

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