Bruno Mars’ Childhood Photo sparks Legal battle with Photographer

On June 21, Bruno Mars posted to social media a photo from his childhood. This seems like a harmless post to fans, although the photographer of the picture, Catherine McGann is now filing legal action.

When you’re too impatient for Throwback Thursday so you fully embrace Way Back Wednesday . #1989

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Instantly sparking interest from 1.2 million fans on Facebook through Instagram, this photo taken in 1989 shows a four year old Bruno Mars, nicknamed back then as the ‘Elvis Kid’ acting as a tiny Elvis Presley impersonator.


When the photo was posted to the artist’s social media accounts for a #WaybackWednesday post without the photographer’s permission to share the photo, McGann was shocked to see the photo had been shared without her permission.

McGann has now decided to file a case of Copyright Infringement against Bruno Mars and his record label for neglect to credit her or even ask permission for the content to be posted. McGann has also asked for reimbursement for damages and compensation due to the use of her copyrighted photograph.

The picture is still posted to social media today! See for yourself. Watch this photo.

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