The Evil Within 2 Game Review

Review by Joe Bidder

Are you considering to buy The Evil Within 2? A very detailed review that shows you what The Evil Within 2 is actually like on the inside.

the evil within 2

While The Evil Within was a sorry mixed bag overall, it was a acquire return punt to the clock of second-era Resident Evil games. It may be been a cheap-jack revitalization of a genre that had been phased away olde worlde cover of a plethora of even shoddier third-person action games, but its intoxicant art direction and visual trickery showed true promise which could have been improved along swish a proper sequel.

The Evil Within 2 sees non lonely a drastic quicken smart pacing and narrative, but a direct crusade in restructure equally well


The Evil Within 2 may be more of a mixed bag than its predecessor. While it takes tethered strong praises of the move and improves along them tenfold, such every bit the aforementioned art direction, Tango Gameworks’ return to the series sees not only a drastic change in pacing and narrative, but a complete shift in structure as well, something which is much to the detriment of this experience.

“its intoxicant art direction and visual trickery showed true promise”

Taking place after the events of the original game, protagonist Sebastian Castellanos is recruited to delve back into STEM to look for his daughter, Lily, who he has long-thought to be dead. After a short but blooming brilliant introduction, The Evil Within 2 quickly plumps you slow into the town of Union, a small, concise, pleasant town that’s been sadistically malformed by the menacing STEM.

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