Black Panther Strikes $1 Billion at the Box Office

It is no secret that the movie name “Black Panther” didn’t arise out of no where. The movie serves as a racial statement as well as another Marvel hit.

The movie had a strong release. It’s box office performance and reviews have shown that people care about black heroes. And just like Logic’s song “Black Spiderman”, it has a message to everyone- racial inequality in America has got to go.

It only took the film 26 days to reach the $1 billion mark. It is the 33rd movie ever to reach this milestone. That is a gross of $520 million in America.

People are talking about the “Black Panther” movie and many people are noting that it came out around the same time as Black History Month. This holiday wasn’t even on the map in the mainstream until the movie launched.

With a star studded cast, “Black Panther” is still yet to prove if it is the most popular Marvel movie of all time.

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