A Star Story: What we know about the latest Han Solo Movie so far

Set to hit the cinemas on May 25, the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga Solo: A Star Wars Story takes fans back to the early days of the Star Wars series in this new edition to the franchise. Originally announced mid-2017, fans would be forgiven for thinking this movie was due for release in December.

Directed by Ron Howard, the film centers around the adventurous life of Han when he is young before his fateful encounter with Luke Skywalker at a bar in other film ‘Star War Story: A New Hope’.

With the first artwork and trailer details just recently leaked, we are given a glimpse into the adventures throughout the Star Wars galaxy, exploring the life of Han Solo, where he meets his powerful future co-pilot Chewcabba and encounters the infamous Lando Calrisian, a very notorious gambler, continuing on to a strange journey that will set course of one of ‘Star Wars’ saga’s most unlikely heroes.

Watch the Teaser and details below.


Although few details are known of the latest edition to the franchise, what we do know is it continues to follow an unfolding story within a villain world we have grown to know all too well within the Star Wars universe. Some of the film stars featured in this movie are Alden Ehrenreich who plays a role of the popular Han when young, Donald Glover takes on a role of the famous Lando whereas Joonas will play as young Chewbacca. Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones and Paul Bettany of Avengers will also have to play a role.


We are sure excited to sit back relax and jump back into the Star Wars universe in this latest development. Watch this space.

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