US Publisher hits Spoitify with $1.6B Copyright Lawsuit over music licence breaches

As we near the end of the first month in 2018, a new shake-up is set to hit the music industry with Wixen Music Publishing filing a major lawsuit against Spotify, the Swedish based music streaming service.

Wixen Publishing holds the rights to a library of many well-known artists such as The Doors, Missy Elliot and over 2000 more artists. On Friday Wixen Music Publishing filed a law suit in California Federal Court alleging that Spotify was using thousands of songs without proper licensing rights or compensation.

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The Swedish based company has is no stranger to complaints in the past, having been plagued by complaints and legal action from the music publishing community, accusing the streaming company for not properly compensating artists for their work.

The settlement between Spotify and Wixen is currently far from reaching agreement, with Spotify’s settlement refused by the Publishing label due to ‘being inadequate and would not fulfill their long-term best interests’, as Wixen reported in a recent statement.

Wixen continued to explain that they were not looking for ‘ridiculous’ compensation, but estimate that their clients account for between 1 percent and 5 percent of music streamed through Spotify.

Spotify has to date declined to comment from media requests.

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