Margot Robbie says new ‘Harlie Quinn’ Movie is being Developed

harley Quinn - Warner Bros Pictures

Photo: Warner Bros

Following her appearance as Harley Quinn in 2016’s Suicide Squad, with the movie itself not the biggest hit with the critics, but liked by audiences building a respectable $700 million at the box office; Margot Robbie and Warner Bros. have reported an entirely separate movie centered on the character Harlie Quinn is in the works.

Speaking in an interview with MTV, Margot Robbie claimed that this movie was “totally separate” from other projects in the past such as Gotham City Sirens or Suicide Squad 2 and maintained that this is a project which “I’ve been working on… for two years now”. Robbie continued, saying “honestly, I don’t think anyone knows what’s going to be the next thing to happen, but I think everyone is keen to get Harley back onscreen so everyone is working on lots of different versions of what that could be.”   

News of Margot Robbie’s latest film was first revealed in September last year when she signed a deal with Warner Bros. to produce and star in the Harley Quinn movie. Robbie’s vision for the latest movie is that it could either fit a stand-alone movie or link with Gotham City Sirens, an all-female cast movie announced to be under development.

With so many different movies under development, Robbie reported that her aim with the latest Quinn movie has to stay true to the fans, saying “I think when it comes to something that has such a huge fan base already; you obviously want to do the fans justice.”

This is certainly shaping up to be a movie to watch out for as more details arrive.

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